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5000+ Massive Traffic from USA – How to get it on your blog (MaxVisit)

5000+ Massive Traffic from USA – How to get it on your blog (MaxVisit)

Traffic is a main challenge for every blogger and internet marketer, this is the reason I’m introducing MaxVisit to you. If anyone is working online there must be an increase in sales on their website/blogs, you will definitely need massive traffic from top countries.
Have you tried to apply for ads networks like, and couldn’t get approval?
Can you remember the reason why they disapprove your application? 
Reason they give is "No traffic from USA/Canada/UK
This has always been bloggers common challenge especially for those residing in some part of Africa and other parts of the world that is not much developed and has low currency value.

And right here you are going to learn more how to get 5,000+ massive traffic from USA for free; read on.

How to use Maxvisits Paid Version to drive Massive Traffic
This version allows you to select from different traffic types either Website Traffic, Pop-Under traffic, Mobile Traffic (Explanation below) from Expired Domain and even use this to increase your Alexa rank. This plan and subscription types ranges from as low as $1 per 1000 visitors.

Website Traffic: This traffic is sent directly to your website irrespective of age differences, gender or language.

Mobile Traffic: Maxvisits assure you of 100% unique mobile visitors for your subscription. You can target your subscription to be all mobile users only and MaxVisits will do the rest of their duty to deliver to you real human visitors from USA using only mobile device.
These are most effective and recommended traffic types you should consider buying the paid plan in max visits.

 I will show you how I used the free plan to pull 5,000+ traffic in one day.

How to use Maxvisits Free Version to drive Massive Traffic to your blog
free 5000+ traffic

I know you have been thinking if it was really the paid plan I used to pull 5,000 page views a day on my blog. Because of that, you might have been discouraged to read further but borderless, because I’m going to show you how the free plan works and how to get the same number of traffic to your blog today.
The free plan is what every first timer would want to know about first, that’s why I want to show you too.

How to get free traffic from
Step 1: Go to MaxVisits
Step 2: Fill in your details appropriately
Step 3: Go to your website/blog
Step 4: Write a short review or include a paragraph on your page that talks about SEO and Traffic with maxvisits link
Step 5: Publish the post
Step 6: Get the URL to your articles
Step 7: On your Maxvisit dashboard, click on Try it now for free.

Step 8: Fill in your articles information as seen on the below screenshot.

• Information needed includes URL of Your Article/Link, URL of The Website You Wish To Promote, Name and Email. 
• Submit the above information appropriately and wait for the traffic to start rolling in like magic.
• You can get details about your trafic from a confirmation email that will be sent to you for your application to receive free traffic.

After receiving this you may now visit the shortened URL to see your analytics for free.

I hope you find this post "5000+ Massive Traffic from USA – How to get it on your blog (MaxVisit)" helpful. 

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